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Audi A8 ties with HERE navigation

Audi has labored with HERE Technologies to integrates a range of advanced navigation and placement technology came from here to supply guidance during the day.

Smartphone and web companion applications sync journeys and routes in the device towards the vehicle prior to the driver sets out.

The smartphone application provides you with first mile guidance towards the parked vehicle, in addition to last mile guidance towards the final destination.

Within the vehicle, the brand new-generation MMI navigation system augments the inside from the Audi A8 by feeding the car’s cluster, mind unit and rear screens with urban and terrain maps made in 3D.

The maps happen to be made to convey information with the proper degree of reduction. For instance, important visual cues for example landmarks are often recognizable, without having to be distracting.

The knowledge is obtainable across multiple screens, allowing all the car’s occupants to have interaction using the map, look for places and hang destinations.

The MMI navigation system learns, commutes, helping motorists go ahead and take optimal path to work, according to current road conditions and live details about potential hazards on the highway. It'll help find parking. Because the vehicle approaches its destination, the machine displays nearby parking recommendations.

Because the Audi A8 drives, it compiles one from the road using predictive road data for many kilometers ahead, effectively enabling the vehicle to ‘see’ past the achieve of their sensors. This type of the street, generated by Electronic Horizon software came from here, includes two kinds of information: the very first is more information concerning the road, including lane configurations and geometry the second reason is dynamic data, for example traffic, potential hazards and speed limits. HERE Electronic Horizon translates these details into actionable data for that car’s ADAS applications, for example adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition, to help boost their performance.

The advanced navigation and placement technology HERE has introduced towards the Audi A8 can also be planned to feature later on Audi models plus selected vehicles provided by additional brands within the VW Group.